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Invisalign i7

Invisalign i7 Quick Facts

  •     Used in less complex cases
  •     Maximum of 7 aligners
  •     Straight teen in as little as 3 months

Invisalign i7 braces work in much the same way as traditional Invisalign braces, however the  treatment is designed for less complex cases and as a result treatment time is much shorter and  cheaper. Patients are given a maximum of seven aligners, with treatment often being completed  within three months. As with traditional Invisalign braces the aligners are custom-made for the individual to ensure optimum results.

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What are the advantages of Invisalign i7 braces?

Invisalign i7 braces are a perfect solution for people with very minor irregularities who want to improve the overall aesthetic of their teeth without having to wear a brace for a long period of time. It is often the perfect solution for people who have already had Orthodontic Treatment previously, but have unfortunately suffered from a little relapse.

The treatment is composed of bespoke clear aligners that are comfortable and require no need for tightening, which can otherwise cause patients quite a lot of pain.

Because  Invisalign i7 braces are also removable, patients have a greater degree of flexibility. Being able to clean your teeth properly promotes good oral health and also reduces the risk of developing oral health issues.

How much does treatment cost?

Treatment costs are considerably lower than traditional Invisalign braces, as the treatment time is shorter and there are fewer aligners.

Is Invisalign Lite treatment suitable for everyone?

Invisalign Lite braces are not suitable for everyone. They are generally recommended for patients who have minor orthodontic problems, including:

  • Slight overcrowding
  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Tiny gaps between the teeth
  • Slight relapse from a previous course of Orthodontics

How do I get started?

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