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Firstly, before booking in for a consultation, there a few things we want you to know about Invisalign, as this is not the only solution we offer at this practice. If you think you might prefer or need fixed braces, or “short term Orthodontics” such as Six Month Smiles “, then we can provide these options too. If you are looking for more complex solutions, then it is often better to seek an opinion from a Specialist Orthodontist before considering Invisalign.

So in order to decide if Invisalign is Right for You, you need to consider the following:

  1. Invisalign is not always as predictable or efficient in moving teeth as fixed appliances.
  2. The cost of Invisalign will depend upon two factors: how difficult your particular tooth-movements are, and how “perfect” a result you are looking for.

In general:

Easy Cases ( treatable in around 6-9 months) CAN be treated to as high a quality as they could be with Fixed Braces. The costs usually range from as little as £1250 up to as much as £2750.

Moderate Cases (treatable in around 12-18 months) CAN be treated to almost as high a quality as Fixed Braces, but as they require very careful and skilled management and not all Invisalign Providers will be able to achieve this.  Fortunately our Invisalign Provider here at Drury Lane is  “Diamond-Status” (one of only thirty or so in Europe!) and can often treat cases other providers feel untreatable with anything but Fixed Braces.

The costs are more likely to range between £2750 and £3950.

HOWEVER, in many cases the patient themselves is willing to make some compromises, is not looking for “as perfect a result as with Fixed Braces”, and might, for example, simply want the front six or eight teeth straightening.

In these cases, these moderate cases FALL BACK IN TO THE “EASY CASE” price range, and we usually then define our achievable goals as “Photo-perfect”. That is to say, your teeth will look good from a couple of metres away, even if the teeth are not actually “perfect”, and the “bite” might not have been fully addressed.

Finally, if you have a particularly DIFFICULT TREATMENT NEED, whilst we strongly advise considering Fixed Appliances with a Specialist, some of you will again be quite happy to make some minor or even major compromises. This might mean that we can either treat you to a very high level with Invisalign ( sometimes in combination with a little Fixed Appliance Therapy) OR we can lower our goals, and again drop down in cost to one of the lower price bands, and at least achieve a “Photo-Perfect” outcome.

Ultimately, ANYONE can gain SOME IMPROVEMENT from Invisalign treatment, so the secret is in assessing whether or not this option genuinely does meet your needs.   

The quality of outcome depends upon correctly assessing your current situation, identifying your personal requirements, and choosing the right treatment goals.

Success in actually delivering the desired result will then depend largely on the Skills, Knowledge and Experience of the dentist providing the treatment.