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SMART Braces  in London

The SMART choice in discreet Orthodontics

As a new addition to the Simply Braces range, our Sapphire-Mixer-Aligner Rapid Therapy is:

  •     Aesthetically acceptable to most patients;
  •     Possibly the fastest way of straightening teeth;
  •     Cheaper than most alternatives with prices from as little as £2500;
  •     Predictable, one of the most reliable systems available;
  •     Removable (the upper half anyway).

You should be proud of your teeth, and smile with confidence (even during treatment!). The SMART BRACE system can help you achieve the perfect smile; efficiently, discreetly and without breaking the bank!

SMART BRACE uses the best features of both Aligner and Fixed-Brace technology, combining them to really give you “the best of both worlds”:

The discretion of Aligners
The efficiency and predictability of Fixed Braces (yet still discreet thanks to the see-through qualities of Sapphire brackets).

And since SMART BRACE can be used with any of the many commercially available systems, the perfect combination can be selected especially for you.

SMART Braces in London

How much does a SMART Brace cost?

SMART BRACE is the most cost-effective brace system in the UK. Your dentist will determine the actual cost of your specific treatment, which will depend upon the number of aligners required in the upper jaw, and whether you choose sapphire or metal brackets in the lower.

Is finance available for SMART Brace?

Yes finance is available; ask us about our interest free, no money down low payment option.

Will the SMART BRACE affect my speech?

Very unlikely. Initially there may be some tendency to lisp, but the majority of patients report little or no speech problems after a couple of weeks.

Are they for adults only?

No. Provided all the adults teeth are in place, the SMART BRACE positioner can be used by teenagers if they have very mild problems.

How long will treatment take?

SMART BRACE is possible the fastest and most efficient way of straightening teeth, without “full brackets”. Once your digitally scanned models have been computer analysed, we will be able to tell you exactly how many stages are required and hence the total time involved and cost.

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