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Composite Veneers London

Dental composite veneers are made using the same type of materials that are used for cosmetic bonding and for many white fillings.

Composite veneers are applied in a single visit to our London practice where the composite is applied to your tooth surface and polished to create the veneer surface.

Composite is not as hard wearing in the longer term as porcelain and you can expect to require your composite veneers replacing after five or six years on average. Some high quality porcelain veneers are clinically proven to last up to 20 years.

What are the advantages of composite veneers?

The major advantage of the composite veneer is treatment time and treatment cost. If composite is used, the veneers can be done in one appointment. The dentist will actually make the veneer directly on the prepared tooth.

The veneer is then smoothed and polished to look like your natural teeth. Since it takes only one appointment, you can leave our practice with a brand new smile in just one appointment in London.

What are the disadvantages of composite veneers?

One of the disadvantages of composite veneers is that they are not as strong as the porcelain veneer and therefore are more prone to fracture. However, if a fracture does occur, they can be easily repaired because the same material that was used initially to make the veneer can be added in the same manner to fix it.

Another disadvantage is that the colour, although stable, is not as stable as the same porcelain veneer restoration. This means that over time the veneers may get darker or turn yellow. Eventually this change in colour can warrant the replacement of the veneers.