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Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth restorations are terms to describe the process of restoring, rehabilitating or replacing all of the teeth in both the lower and the upper jaw. This procedures requires an advanced level of skill and coordination, usually supervise by our patient coordinator at Drury Lane Dental Care and often involves some of the following procedures:

Patients that are in need of a full mouth restoration can usually expect to work with all of our dental professionals. At Drury Lane Dental Care we like to take our responsibility to involve our patients in the treatment course to a new level.

The process starts when you meet our patient coordinator to discuss your needs and to identify the best person to see at our London Dental Practice.

Once you see one of our cosmetic dentists you will meet your treatment coordinator.

During our treatment coordination meeting we will discuss all the treatment options available to you, including payment or financing options. At our practice we base our communication on complete transparency and we like to make sure that you understand all the possible routes to a successful treatment, this is why we will never push you to decide and will wait for you to take your time and make an informed decision.

Thanks to special agreements with out finance company, we can offer you 0% finance options or fixed payments over a number of months. This is something we will work out with you, in a relaxed environment and with complete transparency and confidentiality.

If you are ready for a free consultation, simply give us a call or fill in the Book an appointment form at the top of the page. Our nurse or receptionist will call you to arrange an appointment that suits your needs.