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Smile Design in London

Smile design is a term used to describe a bundle of dental treatments with aesthetic purposes, and at Drury Lane Dental Care London our cosmetic dentists can help you conceive, design and achieve the best smile possible.

At our London practice we believe that smile design is the process before any the treatment starts:

  • First your smile is planned and pre-visualised using computer design software.
  • Our software modeling experts will seek a harmonious and balanced smile.
  • We follow the rules of facial, smile, tooth and gingival harmony and the individual needs of our patients.
  • We pay particular attention to the functional aspects and the feasibility.

At Drury Lane Dental Care, smile design is not simply based on the aesthetic sense of the dentist or the dental technician. Nowadays, the design procedure is a complex task, guided by closely interrelated facial, smile, tooth and gingival harmony aspects and rules, taking into consideration the properties specific to the patient’s age group.

Functional aspects of Smile Design

Functionality should never be overridden by aesthetics. Besides aesthetic aspects, the functional requirements (i.e., the operating requirements of the teeth and the mandibular joint) are also considered by the dentist to a maximal degree.

Feasibility of Smile Design

Besides the principles of harmony and the ideas of our patient, the appropriate smile should be chosen with feasibility considerations taken fully into account.

There are several means of pre-demonstrating the different possibilities and the designed smile to the patient, but computer-assisted smile design is, without doubt, the most effective one.

Individual needs of the patient

During the smile design process, you will work together with our cosmetic dentist, choosing from a wide range of possibilities, giving instructions that will contribute to the creation of a truly harmonious smile.

Our cosmetic smile design process is a team exercise, where you are the most important part. Your opinions, expectations, budget and vision are the key ingredients to helps us give you the smile you always wanted.

Smile Design Techniques

Re-contouring: Using a set of polishing tools we can reshape and re-contour your teeth without exposing any dentine to rejuvenate your smile and make it more harmonious.

Veneers: A minimal invasive method that uses very thin porcelain or composite veneers to reshape, rebuild the outer surface of the teeth.

Prosthetic works: From ceramic dental bridges to crows or even dentures. At Drury Lane Dental Care London we can help you fill gaps and replace missing teeth.

Implants: We can replace missing teeth by carrying out a surgical implant. After fitting the screw, the implant will be designed to match your colour and shape, always using the rules of smile design.

Smile Rejuvenation: Thanks to the latest technologies available at our London practice, we can make your teeth up to eight shades whiter in just one appointment. For more impressive results we always recommend a scale and polish prior to the whitening treatment.

Soft tissue management: Red and white aesthetics in smile design are essential. Therefore for the perfect gingival contour it is sometimes necessary to reshape the gum line. In case of slight asymmetry gum contouring by laser might be enough. In case of loss of papilla or gingiva soft tissue transplantation could be the best method. These are already very sophisticated surgical interventions. As the outcome can be influenced by several factors, a deep consultation is definitely necessary before the treatment.

Orthodontics: Some smile design cases can be solved only when combined with orthodontics. In case of overbite, narrow jaw, crowded teeth, maxillofacial disorders and face disharmony problems one of our orthodontic treatments could be the best solution. The treatment can last for 1 to 3 years depending on the case.

Smile Design Rules

Horizontal alignment: The teeth should be aligned to the horizontal or the eye line.

Smile Design Rules

Symmetry: Ideally this should be across the facial midline. That is, the teeth on one side should be same as it’s opposite on the other side.

Smile Design Rules

Smile Line: The smile line, which joins the edges of the teeth, should follow the curve of the bottom lip. This gives a more youthful appearance. A flat line is associated with more aged teeth.

Smile Design Rules

Gum Line: This follows the line of the top lip. An uneven gum line is not as aesthetically pleasing.

Smile Design Rules

Curved tooth edges: Without curved edges the teeth would look very square. The edges become more curved the further back the teeth are in the mouth.

Smile Design Rules

Crescent shaped gums: These give a more aesthetic appearance than flat gums.

Smile Design Rules

Tooth proportions: The golden rules of proportion describe an ideal ratio of the visible widths of the front teeth. 1.6/1.0/0.6

Smile Design Rules

Each individual tooth should be of certain proportions. For example the front tooth’s ideal height to width ratio is 1 : 0.75
Smile width: The teeth should follow a curve backwards so that no dark spaces are left empty in the corners of the mouth. If this is the case it may appear that these teeth are missing and the teeth in front are standing alone.

Smile Design Rules