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Orthodontic Fees

Clear Braces – Clear Prices.

At Drury Lane Dental Care, we fully understand that whilst most people will eventually choose their Orthodontic Provider based on things such as trust, and whether or not they feel confident that their requirements will be met, they quite rightly want to feel that they are paying a “fair price” for their chosen treatment.

It is only too common for practices to be quite cagey about their fees, and it is nearly impossible to find approximate costs of comparable treatments on the Internet. Whilst our “How to Choose” page explain why prices vary so much from clinic to clinic, we want our patients to have a fairly clear idea of what costs they might be looking at should they choose us to deliver these services.

Whilst our fees are by no means amongst the highest, we apply realistic and competitive fees to each and every individual case. This often means that for simple cases, we are frequently amongst the cheapest in the UK, whereas when taking on challenging cases which many practices may feel are beyond the scope of Invisalign, for example, we will charge accordingly, especially when delivering solutions others are unable to match.

In order to simplify this for you, we have set out below what fees you might averagely expect throughout the UK, and hopefully give a very good idea of what our fees are.

Ultimately however, every patient and every solution is different, and only once we have met you and assessed your requirements can an accurate quotation be given.

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Likely costs in the UK

  • Full adult clear-braces for full fixed Orthodontics with a specialist: Around £4000-5000
  • Full hidden (lingual) fixed braces with a specialist: Around £6000 – £9000
  • Typical “short term Orthodontics”: Around £2000 – £3000
  • Typical Invisalign i7: From £1500
  • Typical average invisalign case: Around £2500 – £3000
  • Typical complex Invisalign case: Around £4000 – £6000

Our Fees

  • Invisalign i7: £1485
  • Average Invisalign case: From £2079 – £2673
  • Complex Invisalign case: From £3276 – £3876
  • Short term Orthodontics: (SMARTBrace) from £1485 – £2673

Our Fees Include

  • Free initial consultation.
  • Full Orthodontic assessment and diagnosis.
  • Cosmetic contouring.
  • One set of provisional retainers per arch.


The practice frequently has offers or promotions, often resulting in over £1000 worth of “extras” included in the package. See our Offers page for details.


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