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To be your Invisalign provider?

Any cursory internet search will throw up a vast number of dental practitioners offering Invisalign, each with a bewildering number of ‘headline prices’ as well.

John Serrano-Davey (Diamond Provider status) is one of the most experienced Invisalign providers in the country – but, more importantly, he has spent hundreds of hours studying, researching and, of course, practicing all manner of orthodontic therapies.

Undoubtedly there are many consultant and specialist orthodontists trained to a higher level in the discipline of fixed appliance therapy (‘train-tracks’) and indeed some Invisalign providers with a greater number of aligner cases under their belts, but practitioners who are as well-versed in both ‘classic’ orthodontics and aligner therapy are much harder to find. This is why we hope you will find his unique blend of training, knowledge, skills and practical experience so reassuring.


Aligners are merely one of many ‘tools’ that clinicians have at their disposal. As with any other tool (or, in this case, appliance) the appropriateness of the choice and the quality of the outcome will depend far more upon the clinician’s skills and experience in managing the device, than the actual choice of device itself.

In order to be able to offer you the highest possible probability of achieving your desired outcome, at the most affordable prices, we would like to see you for an initial (complimentary) consultation, where we can best assess your particular needs.

In general, the ultimate cost of any Orthodontics – Including Invisalign – will depend upon four main points:

  • The degree of severity of your current dental mis-alignment.
  • The treatment mechanics (type of brace) that you are willing to wear, and how long for.
  • The degree of “perfection” that you are looking for (“As Perfect as possible”? or perhaps a more realistic “Photo-perfect” outcome, as we like to call it?)
  • Finally, the level of Knowledge, Clinical Skills and Experience of your chosen provider.

And if you are, unfortunately deemed unsuitable for Aligner therapy, you can rest assured that John has the knowledge and integrity to ensure that you are made fully aware of alternative treatments, and assisted in finding someone else who can perhaps suit your particular requirements better.

We look forward to meeting you.

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